L.A.I.R.A. s.r.l was founded in 2001 by Massimiliano Lazzari, Serena Franceschi and Adelmo Massimiliano Lazzari.

We are an independent firm of designers, planners and engineers offering a broad range of professional services: archaeology, architecture, restoration and engineering as well surveying, safety coordination and site supervision.

We combine our knowledge to find fully integrated design solutions.

The central concern of the practice is design excellence, achieved with the support of partners from the private industry and academia. In parallel to design consultancy services L.A.I.R.A. s.r.l is also focused in Research and Development with projects that explore applications of emerging technologies together with ancient traditions to find better solutions to contemporary needs.


Our team has wealth of experience and comprises architects and engineers. We cover all architectural & engineering work stages, adding further value with our extensive analytical tools and experience.